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Pool tables are seen in almost every bar and other such social areas. The rules of the games are quite easy to understand, by executing an accurate shot is much harder than it looks. Beginners generally have a hard time controlling the cue balls behavior after it makes contact with the object ball, as most people do not realize that even this can be influenced by them.

This guide will help you perform the three most basic types of direct shots in pool, so that you can gain a better control of the cue ball and improve the quality of your gameplay.

1.The stop: This shot is successfully performed when the cue ball stops and stays in position as soon as it makes contact with the object ball. This is the first kind of shot you need to master as it is very efficient and it would complement well with your aiming ability. The cue needs to be aimed at the exact center of the ball while striking it to perform a stop shot.

2.The follow: This kind of shot is the source of trouble for most beginners as they end up making the cue ball follow the object ball into the pocket. This is caused by striking the cue ball slightly above the center and giving it more spin towards its direction of motion.

3.The draw: A successful draw shot is when the cue ball hits the object ball and returns back towards you. This shot requires much more finesse than the other two, and it is considered to be one the most appealing pool shots. It is performed by hitting the cue ball softly below the center of the ball.

In all the above shots, ensure that you follow through after you have struck the cue ball. Making the ball bounce, even when trying to perform a draw shot, is undesirable as this dramatically reduces your accuracy. The power of your stroke should not be too much, and the movement of the cue should accelerate the cue ball gradually, instead of hitting it sharply. With some practice, you would be able to improve the amount of control you have over the cue ball and become a better pool player.

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