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Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes

Ensuring that your children get proper nutrition can be hard enough without the worry of catering their dietary needs to their activity levels. But we cannot (and should not) keep our children from doing sport, playing at recess, or doing other activities that require higher than average energy expenditure. Instead,...

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Foosball Profile: Frédéric Collignon

Frédéric Collignon is widely acknowledged as the greatest ever player in the history of Foosball. The Belgian’s winning record and host of trophies has seen him established himself as the untouchable king in world foosball. Domination. Born in 1975 in Liege, Belgium, the youngster grew up playing the foosball, before joining...

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Foosball Competition Rules

Foosball Competition Rules Foosball is a popular game played at many arcades, and a number of bars have a Foosball table. For the most part, they are played in a random manner, but there are rules to be followed and it makes the game more interesting as well as organised....

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Three Most Basic Pool Shots

Pool tables are seen in almost every bar and other such social areas. The rules of the games are quite easy to understand, by executing an accurate shot is much harder than it looks. Beginners generally have a hard time controlling the cue balls behavior after it makes contact...

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