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Billiards table, Pool table, Snooker, Table Tennis, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Foosball and let’s not forget Soccer Tables are all classic games that have been around for many years. Billiards and all of these table games are played all around the world and now are all easily affordable without any loss of quality or style.

We have a range of Table Tennis Tables for outdoors and can even be bolted down for stability. Or you might prefer a Table tennis table that is movable, foldable and can be set very easily for one person player.

Also available are the 4 in 1 Tables which include Ping Pong, Poker, Dining Table to suit either an 7 or 8 foot Pool Table.

All our Sports Tables are of high quality and will add a focus point in your home at a very reasonable price.

We all work hard these days and often find it difficult to be able to all get together to go out, so why not make it easier and get the family and friends together at home and have a fun filled time playing a game.

Especially on these cold wet days or even in summer when it’s too hot, you don’t even have to step outside. You can get together and have a game of pool, soccer, foosball, which ever you feel like.

With families it’s a great way to catch up and do some quality bonding over a game of table tennis or any table game and enjoy learning hand, eye co-ordination. All these Table Games have a lot of value in many different ways.

At T & R Sports we pride ourselves in having a great deal of knowledge of all our products and we can help you make the best decision for your situation and requirements. We also stock all accessories that you require, whether it Table Tennis, Billiards, Pool, Soccer, Foosball, Air Hockey.

All our products are of good quality and will suit any décor in your home, it will become a special piece of furniture that will have a lot of stories and laughs around which will become great memories.

There are a variety of ways to purchase, receive and install your new prize procession Game Table and our friendly and helpful consultants are always on hand to assist you.

So what are you waiting for, this investment of fun and special family time is waiting for you to check out on our website trsports.com.au. Then it’s as easy as order online, give us a call and or drop into one of our show rooms and really get a feel for the new experience you are about to enjoy, with your new Pool, Soccer, Table Tennis, Air Hockey Table.

Don’t forget it’s also a form of exercise which we are all being told we need to do more of. I don’t know about you but that sounds like the best idea having fun, getting together with family and friends and exercising all around your new Games Table.

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