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Had a big night of playing Air Hockey with your friends. Then you notice there are marks on the surface of your Air Hockey.
DO NOT scrub or rub hard on the mark that can be made by the pushers.

Air Hockey shiny surface

The easiest way is to have some warm soapy water and a clean soft cloth and gently clean the surface, always remember you have to look after your Air Hockey shiny surface so that the pushers will slide smooth, easily and fast.
If particles get caught in the air holes it’s all easy to fix. Get some pipe cleaners and gently clean the hole so plenty of air can come through the holes.
This means you will always have a fun fast game and completely enjoy your Air Hockey Table.
Also it might be a good idea to every now and then make sure that there is no dust on the cover of the fan so that it always works at its best and for the Air Hockey Game.
Air Hockey is a fast and exciting game so a little bit of time spent on looking after your Air Hockey Table means you are always ready for the challenge of the next game.

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