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What it Takes to Start a Table Tennis Club

There are many thousands of table tennis clubs in the country, but if you cannot find a good one in the locality that you are in, you can start your own club. It may one day grow to be something more than just a little team that you put together with a table tennis table, you may even inspire the next Olympian.

Do your research

Before you end up putting down the monies, do some research. How many members can you possibly expect? Unless you have enough members joining, there is no point in starting up a club. You will need staff, someone to run the place and cleaning staff. They will have to be paid, so think of the economics of running a club before you start one.


How will your club be funded? Do you have an association to fund it? Will you be taking loans and trying to make ends meet through member subscriptions, in case you do want to go for that option, how much will you charge your members, and will your charges be in line with the services you offer?

Location, location, location

Where will this club be set up? Do you have the space to have tables, showers, lockers and a small office? The most important thing for any business is the locality in which you set it up, based on the place, you can exp the crowd to be of a certain demographic. Areas that are close to large colleges will have a certain type of crowd in comparison to one in a more urban office locality.

Type of club

Will it be a fun place where people hang out, play a couple of games and relax, or will it be a serious training centre based on competitions and building teams and players?

To be on the safe side, start off small and develop it in size later. You can start with two or three table tennis tables and take it from there, this will give you time and space to expand later on.

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