The table tennis net may be an innocuous part of the equipment, as compared to the table tennis table and the rackets, but it is vital for an enjoyable game. In fact, there are different types of nets that can be used on a table tennis table, and each of them has an indirect influence on the game.

The net provides a necessary obstruction in the middle of the table for both opponents to avoid. Ideally, the net should be able to block a shot when the ball hits the top of the net. The fabric at the top of the net should be strong enough to withstand the tension to keep it taut. The tension should be able to push back a ball or make it bounce on the net, but not allow it to roll over.

The top of the net should be about six inches off the table tennis table surface and the length must be a standard six feet long. As much as possible, the top of the net should be maintained at the same height along its length. Although the bottom of the net should not touch the surface of the table, it should be kept as close to it as possible.

Outdoor table tennis tables generally come with a net that is permanently fixed onto the table. The length of such nets may be the same as the width of the table, however, certain rollaway models use nets which are six feet long. Spring loaded clip type nets are easy to use but had tightened screw clamp provides much more adjustment capability and stability.

Depending upon the application, choose nets that are study and long lasting. Although the quality of the net does not influence the game play as much as the other equipment such as table tennis tables, rackets, balls etc., it is still a vital part of the game. A serious table tennis match will require good quality nets to ensure that no player gets lucky points while hitting the net.

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