For those of you who are fascinated by the gaming industry, there is a wide range to make a pick from. For a night in with the guys, all you need is a few game tables and a six pack. And what game is better to have a friendly competition than a round of foosball.

Investing money on something as costly as a foosball table is no joke unless you are someone with enough cash to burn through. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to identify and gain first-hand knowledge on what one must look for when trying to purchase a foosball table:

What Type Of Table Are You Looking For?

First, it is important to know which kind of foosball table you are looking for. There are two kinds of foosball tables in the market. One is for home or college entertainment whereas; the other is for professional gamers who are die hard enthusiasts in the game.

The main differences would be that necessary foosball is not made with advanced features such as scoring systems and table levelers. Professional tables have an in-depth scoring system, as well as finer details, including the little foosball players being crafted to a higher quality.

Deciding on the reason on why you want a foosball table will help you get past the first point.


Consider The Weight Of The Table

After this has been decided, it is advised to always look for foosball tables that weigh quite a lot. Competition may get aggressive and having a table that holds its ground will guarantee you that there is no chance of having any damage caused to it.

Apart from the weight of the table, keep in mind to look for tables with at least a minimum of one inch in the sidewall width. This will also ensure you that nothing drastic could go wrong with the table during play.

Remember The Goalie!

Another difference in the foosball table would be the goalie system. Foosball tables come in two kinds: the 3-man goalie system and the 1-man goalie system. While the three man goalie system is what is most popular in the US, the one man goalie system is popular in the United Kingdom and Australia. So depending on which system you prefer you can make your pick. So take your time and think about what type of goalie system you want. It will affect the type of game you are going to play, so it necessary to acknowledge it.

You should consider these three points when it comes to finding the foosball table that is best for you. If you are looking for someone to help you, contact T&R Sports today! We have some of the best-selling Foosball accessories you can find online, so trust us to deliver for you!

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