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What you need to know about pub pool tables

Pool tables have become a very popular sight in game rooms and social areas like bars, restaurants, hotels and pubs. As there are so many manufacturers using a large variety of materials in pool tables, there would be separate tables to different applications. The pool tables used for professional games, for instance would use cloth, which provides the best quality of gameplay, focusing most on accuracy and speed, instead of cost and durability. The following guide will tell you what differences you would see in a pub pool table .


Pub pool tables would be used by a very large number of people during its lifetime and each of those players would have a different level of expertise. The primary focus of a person purchasing pool equipment for a bar or a pub is to make it last as long as possible. The kind of cloth pool table use would be much thicker than those used for other applications, as that gives the table strength to withstand heavy usage. Even other equipment like pool cue sticks and pool balls may be made of stronger and heavier material.

Coin operated pool tables

Bars, Pubs and other public areas might use a coin operated pool table. These tables make the pool balls available to the player only after a certain amount of coins are fed into the table. A coin operated pool table saves on the need to supervise the time that a group is using the pool table, and automates the money collecting process. Such pool tables might have a cue ball which is bigger or smaller or which weighs differently from the other balls so that the table’s mechanism would be able to differentiate it.

Lesser accuracy and speed

There is a trade-off while choosing a very durable material as a pool table cover. The accuracy and speed of the cloth is reduced by durable materials, which affects the gameplay. People who have played in professional pool tables will quickly notice that a pub pool table behaves differently when presented with spins, deflections and swerves.

Some people believe that the pool tables seen in pubs and bars should not be used to develop game-play as it does not provide the accuracy which is needed to improve the finesse of a shot. While it is true, beginners can definitely try their hand at a game of pool at such places to discover if they have a passion for the game.

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