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What to Look for in a Billiard Shop

Purchasing pool tables and the other accessories of the popular sport can be quite intimidating, considering the investment involved and the variety of all the paraphernalia. This guide will help you better navigate through the process so that you would find it easier to buy a perfect fit.

Pool table size and room size:

The first and most important part of the purchase is to decide the best size of pool table for the room size. If the pool table is too large, the players would have a hard time moving the cue stick around, making it difficult to enjoy the game. Also, the height of the pool table depends upon the age of the players.

Delivery and installation:

Many billiards stores provide delivery and installation services as most people would not be able to install a pool table without damaging it. You would need to ensure that there is plenty of space for the pool table to enter the designated room. The length and width of the pool table should be decided taking into consideration what would fit through doors and passageways.

Single piece or folding pool table:

Single piece pool tables are costlier and heavier than folding pool tables, but they generally tend to provide a much more level play surface. Folding pool tables are much easier to disassemble and move so it is convenient if the designated pool table area would not be permanent.

Playing surface:

There are a variety of different materials which are used as a foundation for the playing surface on a pool table . The most popular material is slate as it has the highest precision and provides players the most uniformity on the pool table surface. Other materials like Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and Durabond are lighter and less expensive, but they do not provide the same durability or consistency.

Pool table type:

Due to the various places that pool tables can be installed, they may be designed to serve specific purposes. Coin operated pool tables only allow access to the balls when players insert some coins or tokens into it, while normal pool tables store balls in the pockets or a return bay.

Throughout the entire process, you would need to think about the application and uses of the pool table as this would give you a better idea of what properties are of most importance. With some observation and research, you would eventually find the pool table that best fits your needs.

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