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To maintain your Foosball Table first wipe it clean with a dry cloth to remove any of the loose dirt or debris.
Then with a clean cloth put a small amount of rubbing alcohol (70-90 % is the best) and wipe the Foosball Table surface.
The alcohol will not harm your Foosball Table surface as it evaporates quickly if you only use a small amount. But if there are some stubborn marks you might need to repeat the process.
When your Foosball Table surface is nice and clean, get another clean soft cloth and with a small amount of Foosball Silicone to the rods.
This will maintain the rods as well as keep them smooth for the best game experience.
NEVER USE WD-40 on your rods, it might seem like a good idea, at first you will get results but then it will dry you bumpers and bearings out.
That means you wear out your Foosball Table before its time
Always remember that your Foosball Table is an investment and so you can enjoy many hours of fun please maintain your Foosball Table correctly, this way it will be ready for action whenever you are.

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