Table tennis players rely on speed and dexterity to execute attacks and win against slower opponents. Because of the speed of the game, a well-placed spin would generally be very difficult to counter, especially for inexperienced players. A Topspin is a popular attacking shot which makes it possible for players to hit the ball very hard and yet make it land on the table tennis table, giving the opponent very little time to react. This guide would help you understand how to execute this shot so that you can improve your table tennis gameplay.

Understand the spin

The Topshot is performed by making the ball roll towards its direction of motion. Meaning, the top of the ball is moving towards the opponent while the bottom of the ball is moving away from the opponent. This creates a high-pressure point on the top of the ball and the ball is pushed downwards, a phenomenon called Magnus effect. The faster the spin, the quicker the ball drops downwards.

Direction of the strike

When executing a Topspin, the position of the bat would start from below the ball and move upwards, hitting the ball at an angle which makes it move upwards and forward.

Angle of the Strike

The face of the bat which makes contact with the ball should be angled to face the table slightly. The angle can be made more and more horizontal as your technique improves which allows for faster shots.


The speed of the strike is a major contributing factor to the attack, as a faster upward motion causes a faster spin, while a faster forward motion causes a faster motion. Choosing a proper direction and speed of attack is a matter of balance and adapting to the circumstance of your game.

Once you have understood how to use a Topspin, keep practising so that you can improve the speed and accuracy of your attack. It is best to practice your moves against an opponent as this would prepare you in identifying opportunities which you can exploit with a Topspin.

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