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A cue stick is an important part of any billiard game. Choosing the right cue for you comes down to personal preference, there are many varieties of cues, different shapes, makes, sizes, weights and lengths also various materials used to make the cues. The right cue for you will enhance your performance and your confidence.

Quality cues can cost as much as several thousand dollars. For your first cue it’s recommended that you keep a budget of around $200. As your game develops make note of what you like in a cue and use this information when it is time to upgrade.

The most important thing to remember when buying a cue is to make sure it feels comfortable. If it does not feel right in your hand you will have difficulty using it when it comes to having a game on your pool table. Experiment with a couple of different cues to test with length and width you are most comfortable with and also which size tip gives you better accuracy with your shots. Cues usually weigh between 18-21 ounces and tips range from 12mm-14mm.

When choosing a cue it is important to check if the cue is straight, you can do this by putting the bumper end close to your eye and looking straight down the cue toward the tip rolling it a few times in your hand. You can also roll it against a flat surface such as the slate pool table to make sure it does not wobble or bounce.

Next thing would be to check the connections, where the ferrule meets the shaft and where the 2 pieces of the shaft come together they should be completely smooth there should be no difference.

Then check the finish of the cue, there should be no bubbles, the wrap should not be frayed or discoloured or loose or unlevelled with the rest of the shaft. You can also check under the bumper to see whether the cue has a bolt or screw, this will allow you to change the weight of the cue later on down the track.

After visually inspecting the cue, you should then have a few shots on a pool table to trial out to make sure it is in fact a cue you are comfortable with.

Following these steps should ensure that along with your billiard table you have the perfect cue for you.

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