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Foosball…what is it exactly? Well, foosball is also known as table soccer, fussball, baby-foot, or even kicker. The game is played on a table-top and is loosely based on association football. The game was first invented by Harold Searles Thornton in 1922 and patented in 1923. Besides being played for fun in pubs, bars, workplaces, schools and clubs there are highly competitive games as well where professional foosball players compete for the title and play by a set highly evolved rules and regulations. So, now you know a little history about the sport but how do you play? Read on, my friend.

How to Play Foosball

The game begins when the ball is served through a hole in the side of the table (it can also be placed on the table by hand). The first serving side is decided by the traditional coin toss. Platers then try to use the figures, which are mounted on rotating bars, to kick the ball into the opposing team’s goal. (Fun Fact: expert players have been known to move balls at speeds up to 35mph/56km/h in competitions!) If you think about it this game is a little like soccer only played on the table top. The winning team is announced once they score the predetermined number of goals, this number is typically five, ten or eleven in competitions.

The players: (chart can be found at
Typically you have teams who compete, and each team is made up of 1 or 2 human players. These players are responsible for controlling 4 rows of foosmen.

Row 1


1 foosman (sometimes 2 or 3)

Row 2


2 foosmen (sometimes 3)

Row 3

Opponent’s attack

3 foosmen (sometimes 2)

Row 4


5 foosmen (sometimes 4 or 6)

Row 5

Opponent’s midfield

5 foosmen (sometimes 4 or 6)

Row 6


3 foosmen (sometimes 2)

Row 7

Opponent’s defense

2 foosmen (sometimes 3)

Row 8

Opponent’s goalkeeper

1 foosman (sometimes 2 or 3

Foosball Tables

There are many different styles of foosball tables on the market today, some of the more popular names come from Bonzini, Roberto Sport, Garlando, Tornado and Leonhart just to name a few. There are many sizes available as well, take the custom made, Stadium which is 7 meter long table made by Maurizio Cattelan. This particular table takes 11 players on each side to play!  Foosball is a fun and entertaining sport, whether you are playing for fun or as a competition you are sure to have a good time with friends and foosball! Check out Foosball tables on sale and also Foosball accessories here.


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