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Courtesies and consideration should always be observed at a pool table. When you are playing with someone, treat them the way you yourself would like to be treated, especially if you do not know that person. Contrary to what you might have seen on movies and TV shows, the pool table area is not exactly a war zone, and the pool balls and sticks, potential weapons. Following are some of the basic etiquette that you may observe at a pool table.

Treat the pool table with respect

For a good, and fair game, the pool table has to be at its default level. Dancing on top of the pool table or sitting on the edge of the table may hamper with the alignment of the table. Remember that a common pool table is not your property. Always leave it in good condition for other players. Also, when you take care of the pool table, you will be able to use it for a long period of time.

Avoid eating/drinking near the pool table

Ask yourself this. Would you prefer to play on a pool table that has sauce and beer stains all over it? So, avoid bringing your food and drinks over to the pool table area. You may think that you will be careful not to spill or drop anything, however, you are not the only person near the pool table area. Another player may accidentally knock over your beer placed on the rails with his/her pool stick.

Avoid smoking near the table

The ashes from the cigarette may get on the pool balls and the pool table cloth, especially if there is a fan somewhere around. You yourself know how difficult it is to get that perfect shot with dirty pool balls. A player with a cigarette dangling from the corner of his/her mouth may look cool on movies, not in real life.

Personal etiquette

Do not shout when your opponent is making his/her shot, no matter how desperate you are to win. Do not bump into them intentionally or unintentionally. Stay out of their line of aim. If you happen to be in their line of aim, just keep quiet and still.

While most of these are rules in a professional pool tournament, observing them as etiquette in a non-professional environment will make for a good game and a good time.

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