There are some basic shots you can use to gain a tactical advantage over your opponent on an air hockey table. The quick pace of the game allows you to use practiced and precise strikes that are difficult for your opponent to defend. The angle shot, although it is one of the most common shot seen on an air hockey table, is a potent attack that can help you win a game if executed at the opportune moment.

The opportunity
Repetitively using angle shots against an opponent will make it easy for him to predict your moves and rob you of your advantage. Instead of using brute force, wait for an opening in the defense and strike quickly. The best time to use an angle shot is when the defending player holds his mallet extremely close to the goal, and right in the middle of it, leaving the two sides vulnerable.

The shot
You will need to position the puck at a comfortable distance away from your goal. You will need to make contact with the puck in such a way that it moves in an angled path towards the goal.

The angled shot requires plenty of practice as any change in the force or angle of the strike influences the direction of the puck. Integrating the game will need you to adapt your shot so that it can be used from any location on the hockey table.

As you play against different opponents, chances are that you will come across someone who can execute a lightning fast angle shot. To be able to defend yourself against the attack, keep your mallet a few inches away from the goal so that you are blocking more of the sides of your goal.

While trying to defend against an angle shot, ensure that you do not keep your mallet too far away from the goal as this will be an opening for a bank shot. With some practice, your accuracy of the angle shot will improve, giving you more success against players who are not very familiar with your style of play.

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