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What to Look For When Buying a Cue Stick

A cue stick influences how well you are able to transfer your movement over the pool table to the cue ball. Minor improvements on the cue stick can dramatically influence the shot to give the player more control and more power when it is required. Cue sticks might get damaged or broken with time, which is why it is always smart to purchase a few extra cue sticks. Choosing the right cue sticks can be confusing due to the large variety of pool cue sticks available in the shop. The guide below will help you zero in on what you are looking for.

1、First, make sure that the cue stick is straight

Before you see any other feature of a cue stick, make sure that it is straight. You can find out if it is straight by rolling it on a flat surface slowly, or holding the butt of the cue towards your face while pointing the other end downwards and rolling the stick.

2、Use a comfortable weight

Light cue sticks give you more control, but they may not be able to deliver fast shots, while heavier pool sticks are harder to control but provide more power. The preferences and physical strength of the player is of prime importance here. You would need to choose a cue stick which does not feel too heavy or too light in your hands.

3、Choose cue stick length according to arm length

The difference in lengths of cue sticks is to help people with different physical attributes to play a fair game. The longer your arms are, the longer your cue sick should be so that you would be comfortable while playing a game.

4、Choose tip according to gameplay

The tip of the cue stick comes in slightly different diameters, and this choice depends entirely upon your preference. Also the tips are supposed to be rounded slightly, not flat. If you tend to use a lot of spins on your shots, choose a cue tip which has a more distinct curve.

Make sure that you experiment with different types of cue sticks to see which one perfectly complements your physical features and the style of your gameplay. It is best to have a cue stick that helps you dominate over the pool tablethan having to adjust to the different weights and lengths of the cue sticks provided to you.

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