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Table tennis games rely on speed and precision, so the equipment supporting these games needs to be in good condition for the players to have an enjoyable experience. As tables of table tennis generally see many types and age groups of players using it, the amount of wear and tear it undergoes usually depends upon how careful the players are with it. Even with good care, table tennis tables eventually gather dirt and they need to be cleaned properly so that it can last for a longer time. As the equipment is often quite expensive, maintaining it well would even mean saving money.

This guide would help you understand how to better take care of your table tennis table, because it is the most expensive part of your table tennis set.

Clean it regularly with a soft, dry cloth

After every game of table tennis, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the entire table. During each game, there would be some contaminants like sweat or dirt, which fall on the surface. The regularity of simple maintenance ensures that the debris does not get accumulated.

Use warm water only

If there are spill accidents with food or drinks, do not use soap as this will change the appearance and the texture of the spot. Instead, first use an absorptive cloth to draw the liquid. Then wash the cloth in warm water and repeat the process. The cloth should not be saturated when cleaning the table, and make sure that you do not push down on the table or rub too hard.

Mind the net

The net should never be dragged while putting it on or taking it off as it wears off that way. It should also not be too tight or too loose. While securing the net on to the table tennis table, make sure that the clamps do not dig into the table.

Along with the above tips, treat your equipment with care and respect, even when they are not being used. Store them in proper covers to avoid contact with dirt or abrasive material. Using a cover on the table tennis table when not in use would help to keep moisture away.

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