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Training for Table Tennis Without a Table Tennis Table

There are three main equipment in a game of table tennis; a table tennis ball, two paddles, and a table tennis table. To most people it may seem like it is impossible to practice playing a game without any one of these three supporting equipment. It is true that a proper game between two people cannot be enjoyed without the right equipment, but if you are practicing your skills for a competition, your efforts would have to extend beyond the table tennis table.

Why to practice when you are away from a table tennis table

It is natural for beginners to assume that their practice sessions would be limited to the time they spend with a table tennis table. For serious players, however, dedicating time to the game involves more than hitting the ball across the table. Spending more and more time with a paddle and a ball gives your mind and body to become more capable of controlling and predicting the movement of the ball. The following activities would improve your game and they do not require a table tennis table.

1、Footwork practice

Your footwork will determine your speed around the table tennis table. Spend time in exercising your feet to move faster and reduce the reaction time in a game. It is best to start slow paying attention to the accuracy of your movement, and then gradually increasing the speed.

2、Videos and Mirror practice

Watching the videos of professional players gives you an idea of how you are supposed to move when you are playing a game. They have spend years mastering the most efficient methods, so mimicking them can cut down your time. You can then they and mimic their movement by using a mirror and paying attention to details like leg position, wrist angle etc.


Hit the table tennis ball against a wall with your paddle and keep it in the air without hitting the ground. You will quickly realize that you would need to employ a variety of spins to control the ball’s behavior in the air. Increase the difficulty of this session by increasing the distance between you and the wall.

With increased amount of experience, you would be able to control the ball better in a game, and move faster and more smoothly around the table tennis table.

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