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Foosball is extremely popular because of its simple rules and quick gameplay. There are many strategies which people use in the game, one of the most popular attack strategies being the “Snake Shot”. This shot makes the ball move extremely fast making it very difficult to block, yet it is also very easy to execute. This guide would give you an idea of how it works so that you would be able to improve your Foosball game.

The setup

This shot is done with the ball pinned down right in the middle of the table by the middle man in the offense handle. The ball should be pinned towards the goal side, which is referred to as a “front pin”. This takes a lot of practice to master, as the shot works best only when the ball is at the centre of the table.

The pass

Once the ball is set up at the center of the table, the opponent would not be able to predict the direction of your attack, as you may either use the pull direction or the push direction. To execute a snake you would need to pass the ball laterally to one of the men on the same handle. This too, requires practice as the ball should not move towards or away from the goal during the pass.

The shot

As soon as the ball leaves the middle man, spin the handle as hard as you can so that it would use the maximum force when the man connects with the ball. You need to make sure that the ball reaches the desired location before it is shot, so practice the shot separately to improve accuracy.

Ensure that you try each step of the snake shot separately and slowly until you learn it. Once you do, keep increasing your speed of movement, as the essence of the attack is its unpredictability and speed. This aspect is important during each step of the shot, especially during the pass and the shot, as the opponent should not be able to track the ball and defend it.

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