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Air hockey tables that are longer than six feet give ample opportunity for players to use the sides of the table for bank shots. An adept player is able to strike with a precise and quick bank shot when he sees a gap in the opponent’s defense. The double bank shot, however, is not as popular as the bank shot due to its high level of difficulty and the increased time the opponent has to defend against it. But the unpredictability of the shot can also work in your favor, if executed properly.

The opportunity
A bank shot should be used when your opponent holds the mallet a few inches too far away from their goal. Such a defensive position helps defend against straight shots, but they provide enough window for a successful bank shot.

The shot
A successful double bank shot, as the name suggests, hits both sides of the table successively before entering the opponent’s goal. The shot must be set up like the bank shot, but executed with a steeper angle and more force. A longer table provides better opportunity for this shot, although an extremely seasoned player may be able to execute it over a smaller table too.

The double bank shot requires much more practice as there is so much room for error when the puck bounces off two sides of the table. You may find that setting up the puck close to the wall that you will be bouncing off first makes the shot slightly easier, but you will also telegraph your intentions to your opponent.

The puck moves slow enough for you to defend or even catch by the time it reaches you as it loses a lot of its momentum when it hits two walls of the air hockey table. But that can also make the puck move unpredictably, so keep your eye on the puck and try to race it when your opponent hits a double bank shot.

When you are playing on a table which has different dimensions as compared to your practice air hockey table, executing a double bank shot becomes much more difficult. With practice, you will be able to judge the amount of strength needed and the correct angle for a double bank shot.

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