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Table Tennis, just like other sport in the world, has its own set of high standards. And with it, its own set of major tournaments, where the best players in the world compete to reign supreme. Here are the major tournaments of Table Tennis, headed by the International Table Tennis Federation.

World Championship

The oldest and most popular tournament. It started in 1926 in London, England before growing to become a global event. It has five competitions, including Men’s, Women’s, Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles and Mixed. It was hosted every year, before in 1957 became a biannual event. The introduction of the Team Championships, which means countries playing against each other, in 2000 expanded the competition. The World Team Championships are held every numbered year; while the individual championship is held on odd years.

World Cup

Created in 1980, this annual event was an instant success. This event only includes the best of the best of table tennis players, such as the current holder of the title, the World Champion, the strongest player from each continent, the best eight ranked players, two wild cards and one player from the host nation. The Women’s World Cup, follows a similar format, only with less players involved, as it was created in 1996.

Olympic Games

Slowly rivalling the World Championships due to its four year gap and exclusivity. It was introduced in the games in 1988 and remained since. There are six events, including Men’s, Women’s, Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, Women’s team and Men’s team.

Continental Competitions

While the three tournaments above are considered the most predominant, each continent has its own championship and cup competition. There are six continent associations, including: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Oceania. Continental championships are considered vastly popular.

There are many other competitions that are played around the world that gain media attention during their time, but not are popular as the ones listed. These events include the China v World Challenge, Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Championships.

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